Long Island Child Psychologist – What is an IEP and How Can a Therapist Help?

The Individualized Education Program, also known as IEP is a document that focuses on the individualized educational and training needs of children who have disabilities or those kids who require special attention or services in school or at home.

What Is An IEP?

IEP is an acronym that stands for Individualized Education Program, and in some places, it is also referred as Individualized Education Plan. It’s an officially documented plan of work that includes the objectives, strategies, instructions, support and services that children with disabilities or special needs require. It is a detailed plan that focuses on the education and training for kids both in a school setting and at home to enable them to progress in school and achieve the success. The IEP is designed to meet each of the child’s specific needs and is covered by the Special Education Law.

Why Your Child May Need an IEP?

If your child has been struggling in getting along with the regular curriculum of the school and seems to be left behind due to certain reasons, he may need an IEP. You must be aware of the basic facts about IEP and who needs it. Individualized Educational Program is a part of every public school. Your child needs to get an evaluation at school to decide if he or she requires IEP or not. This evaluation is done according to the requirement or special need of the child and is conducted by one of the professionals such as a school’s child psychologist, speech or language pathologists, physical therapist, vision or hearing specialist or occupational therapist.

What Kind of Disorders and Disabilities Qualify For an IEP?

Any condition that is directly or indirectly affecting a child’s educational progress and outcome makes the child eligible for IEP. If they can get along with the learning process, follow the regular educational curriculum and can adapt with the classroom environment than they may not qualify for IEP.

How Can IEP Help?

IEP team usually includes the school teachers from the field of special education, child psychologists, counselors, therapists, parents and students themselves.  Their job is to go to the schools, do the evaluations to decide the number of children who need special education plan and to educate and support the parents and families of the children with special needs too. The role of parents is as important in achieving certain educational goals as that of the teachers and psychologists and therapists. Together they can make IEP a success.

At Behavioral Consulting Long Island we specialize in working with children with IEP’s on Long Island. Primarily we work with families in Jericho, Syosset, Woodbury, Wheatley School District, Manhasset Schools, North Shore School District and all of Nassau County. Whether your child needs extra time on tests or in-home services out expert team can help advocate, support and evaluate your child for the free services he or she needs that are offered through your school district.

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