Long Island Child Psychologist: Incredible Volunteer Opportunities to give back to your Community this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an occasion for expressing gratitude and saying thanks for all the countless blessings we have in our lives. More importantly, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to share our blessings with those who don’t have them. It is about being humble, kind and empathetic.

Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to steer your young ones on the path to empathy development and build up a strong character that is giving and humble. There is an abundance of opportunities, for instance, your kids can volunteer at churches, soup kitchens, food donation drives, shelters, and even donating some of their toys, clothing items and other possessions.

We’ve picked out some amazing volunteer opportunities to help your children indulge in the sharing and caring spirit of Thanksgiving.

Here, take a look:

The Book Fairies — Freeport

A powerful and meaningful initiative that works to provide books to those in need as a means to promote literacy and academic success. Your child can indulge in various Thanksgiving seemed activities that will help inculcate a strong sense of gratitude for the academic opportunities and reading materials they have been provided with.

Long Island Cares—The Harry Chapin Food Bank — Hauppauge

The Harry Chapin Food Bank is an incredible hunger-eliminating initiative that provides food to over 6 million people across Long Island and the neighboring counties. Allow your children to participate in their food drive so they can learn the importance of respecting food and sharing it with others.

Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk — Middle Island

Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk is a humanitarian initiative that revolves around building houses for the impoverished individuals from all racial groups and ethnicities. They have started a great volunteer drive of Thanksgiving Baskets that seem like the perfect opportunity to involve your child in humanitarian service. They will find the process fun and fulfilling!

Make-A-Wish Foundation — Nassau and Suffolk

This holiday season, give your child the opportunity to make a difference to the life of another child, and develop a meaningful understanding of life, its importance, and helping others. Needless to say, volunteering with Make-A-Wish foundation will leave a strong impact on his/her personality.

Ronald McDonald House of Long Island — New Hyde Park

Volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island will be an enriching experience to say the least. This wonderful humanitarian experience will introduce your child to some of the most dedicated and compassionate of people who work to keep families with sick kids together by providing them a comfortable environment and caregiving resources.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving reflecting back on all the blessings of this past year. We look forward to creating new memories and helping your children become happier, healthier and more successful in 2019!