Child Psychologist can help a Child Score better in SAT and ACT

It seems that junior year of high school is all about testing and college applications.

Every college takes a close look at the scores from your child’s SAT and ACT when deciding on his application for admission. These scores tell administration whether a student is fit to be admitted into a course offered by the college or university. It is a daunting task for most students to score high in SAT and ACT.

The standard time to write a SAT test is 3 hours without the essay. A vast majority of students find it difficult to finish the exam in this stipulated time frame. However, it is possible for a parent to get extra time to write SAT exam for his son or daughter. If your child qualifies for extended time, he could get as long as 6 hours to write his SAT test. Even with a 50% extended time, a child gets 5 hours and 30 minutes to write his SAT test.

This time advantage can help your child to improve his SAT score significantly. Extended time to write SAT test is approved for a child if it can be shown that he suffers from some sort of disability in reading, writing, or speaking. Depending on the type of disability, your child can get 50% or even 100% more time to write his SAT or ACT test. Imagine the kind of advantage your child can reap with this extended time. He can breathe easy and write answers without any anxiety or fear.

You need to apply for extended time for your child citing the disability that your child is suffering from. Realizing the kind of advantage a child gets with extended time, administrators do not easily approve the application for extended time. If they make it easy, almost every child will apply for extra time.

Testing accommodation can be obtained in two ways. The school of the child has to verify the disability through SSD online system. The 2nd method is that of document review where a child psychologist confirms the disability of the child. This document is reviewed by the College Board and it decides whether to give accommodation to the child or not.

If you need extended time for your child during a SAT exam, it is a good idea to consult a child psychologist. If this child psychologist confirms that your kid is suffering from a disability that puts them at a disadvantage for finishing the test in the given time, it is possible to get extra time on the SAT and/or ACT.

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