Toddler Issues! Common Problems Toddlers face during Milestone Changes & How to Deal with them
Toddlers transition through many changes and as parents, we have to deal with a great many challenges in raising disciplined and happy kids. We’ve discussed some of the major problems related to sleep disturbances, night terrors and potty trainings that will help parents with important insight.
Here, take a look:

Sleep Regressions
Sleep regression occurs when a toddler, who usually enjoys quality sleep, simply cannot go to sleep an experiences frequently awakenings through the night with difficulty falling back asleep again. Sleep regressions can occur at various different ages in a child’s life, but they most commonly occur amongst toddlers over 18 months, a period of rapid growth and brain development. This rapid growth often causes disruption in the hormones that regulate the sleep cycle, hence, these regressions are usually temporary.
Research has cited several reasons of sleep regressions amongst toddlers, including sickness, routine changes, travel, stress, new medicines and especially teething. Parents are generally advised to curb this problem by maintaining consistency in their child’s life through a disciplined schedule, consist bedtimes, and by avoiding making any major changes in their parental strategies or routine.

Night Terrors
Night terrors are much different and scarier than the occasional nightmares that all children tend to have. They are described as a sleep disruption that is much more dramatic than a nightmare, and usually end in screams of distress, faster heartbeats, stress, sweating and distress that forces children to sit upright in bed in the middle of the night.
Experts believe that night terrors are extremely rare, and they usually occur amongst 3-6% of toddlers, usually those who are overly stressed, over-exhausted, sleepless, overdosed on caffeine, or sleeping in a new environment. Parents are generally advised not to be wake up their children if they’re experiencing a night terror, because they child ends up waking up to be more disoriented. It is ideal to take measures to reduce the stress levels of your child.

Potty Training
Potty training is indeed of the most challenging of all training problems while raising up a toddler, and it tends to be even more problematic when children find it difficult to experience bowel movements while sitting on the toilet. Most children end up making themselves constipated or even holding it in to urge the parent to give into their demands of pooping in a diaper. It is important to encourage children towards potty training without entirely dismissing their demands. It can be challenging as there is no one-fits-all solution, you really have to devise your training strategy on the preferences of your child.

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