Long Island Child Psychologist: Understanding your child

As parents, the most important responsibility is understanding your child, and it is crucial in order to become a helpful and inspiring figure in your child’s growth that will continue to guide them as they journey from maturity to adulthood. If you want to understand your child, you must begin by embracing the fact that every child is unique, and you mustn’t attempt to eliminate their uniqueness.

Experts believe that some of the ways of observing and understanding one’s child is by examining their eating, sleeping and playing habits, and identifying the traits that they harbor with consistency. You must observe their habits, hobbies and whether or not they resist change or face adjustment issues.

Talk to Them

Having conversations with your children is the most crucial step to foster a strong relationship where they are comfortable in providing you their personal information and trust you to understand their perspective. This holds especially true in the case of younger children and teenagers and adults are a bit hesitant to share, while you can understand the feelings of little kids by observing their body language and facial expressions.

Boost their Self Esteem

Self-esteem has the most powerful role to play in terms of child development, confidence building and raising a success-oriented child. Research reveals that children with healthier self-esteem grow up to become happier teenagers and more successful adults. Naturally, a healthy parent-child relationship lays the foundation for a healthy self-esteem for the child, and this can be strengthened by spending more and more time with your children. When parents give time to their children, it allows them to bask in their love, and feel loved and special.

Strengthen Social Skills

There are a plethora of reasons why many children fail to develop strong social skills, and while all of seek friendships and rewarding relations, many children, when subjected to bullying or any kind of cruelty, end up seeking refuge in their parents, family and home. It is important for parents to take into account all the social challenges faced by their children, and instead of probing, it is important to reflect upon the child’s social, academic or peers-related problem and help them carve out a thoughtful solution.

The journey from raising a baby into a teenager and finally an independent adult is a challenging one to say the very least, and we at Long Island Child Psychologist are here to help you ease out the bumps on your road. We do not believe in quantifying and labelling young children, but in fact, we firmly believe that each child is unique and must be understood with his/her own unique perspective.