Long Island Child Psychologist – Treating Anxiety in Children   

Unfortunately, mental health disorders are often overlooked; especially if they are noticed in children. Some psychological issues such as anxiety have no minimum age requirements and they can be painful to both the children experiencing it and the parents trying to handle it. Anxiety is hard to diagnose in children because it’s symptoms, most of the time, overlap with the symptoms of other behavioral disorders.  For instance, anxiety and ADHD, at times have similar kind of symptoms in a child and it becomes hard to understand the real cause that triggers certain behavior of a child. A child with anxiety usually tries to hide his feelings because of the internal fear of being criticized or punished by elders.

Some of the Sign and Symptoms of Anxiety in Children:

Anxiety in children is usually present in many forms that seem to be hard to identify. These symptoms include extreme restlessness, agitation, lack of focus, headaches or stomachache related to certain time or happenings, avoidance, tantrum, or difficulties in coping with school activities. On the whole, we can say that it can be noticed in child in the form of negative behavior that is growing to be consistent and intense without any apparent reason.

Causes of Anxiety in Children:

The causes of anxiety in children can be various but generally it is developed due to some incident, tragic event or some perceived happening that had traumatizing or frightening effect on the child. For example, the child could have witnessed some tragic incident, an accident or some painful thing that has made him or her deeply frightened and in order to cope with that inner fear the child would develop such habits or behavior that would lead him or her towards anxiety.

Importance of Treating Anxiety in Children:

Usually parents tend to ignore the basic signs of anxiety in a child; they assume that may be he or she is just being shy, nervous or frightened and will be alright soon. But, if you notice the development of negative behavior and feelings which are affecting your child’s day to day life and personality, then you must understand that it is very important to seek the help of a professional child psychologist. If anxiety is not treated properly by a professional it can grow and can lead to many other psychological issues.

How is the Anxiety in Children Treated?

An expert child psychologist works to find out the root causes of the anxiety in a child and eliminate it. There are various ways of treatment of anxiety in children, for example medication, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Exposure therapy.

At Long Island Behavioral Analyst our expertise is diagnosing and treating children. We create a warm and welcoming environment where your child is comfortable and is able to open up about their experiences and feelings. Once we can find the root causes of their psychological issues, properly diagnose them we can begin treatment to help them live happier more successful lives.