Long Island Child Psychologist – Importance of Getting Your Child Evaluated to Help Them Succeed in life

The modern world is more aware of the individual needs and educational requirements of the children because of the latest research and psychological studies in the field of child education. People are now able to understand the fact that a child may vary in learning new skills and absorbing the knowledge taught at school. There are many programs to help parents understand their child’s individual educational requirements; such as IEP, Early Intervention and behavioral consulting. Through the accurate evaluation of your child you can help him succeed in life, enjoy school and wake up in the morning excited to learn.

What is the Importance of Psychological Evaluations on Long Island?

Many parents feel hesitant in getting their child evaluated, they may not want to label their child or they are afraid a diagnoses may require medication.  Parents must understand that evaluation is the first and most crucial step to determine a child’s individual study needs and it can prove to be a relief to understand your child’s difficulties. Nassau county and all Long Island school districts offer IEP programs and Early Intervention programs to help the children with special needs, delayed skills or with other disabilities. It is your right to receive services free of charge in your home or at school for your child. An Evaluation determines if your child qualifies for free assistance in the class room, aid, extra time on tests, and additional help in school. This will eventually lead you to understand your child’s challenges including the academic and cognitive skills as well as the social-emotional skills. Evaluations will also help to highlight the strengths of your child which will prove helpful in coping with the challenges.

Why to get your child Evaluated and use the Free Services available to them?

Once your child is evaluated, you can use the evaluation results to get the targeted educational support from the school, free of cost. The evaluation results will help in making your child eligible for IEP or Early Intervention. An IEP will be created according to your child’s individual requirements providing the specific help to improve in studies and cope with educational challenges. It may include individualized set of instructions, accommodation supports, speech language and occupational therapies etc. The child evaluation will lead to the accurate IEP that will help in setting specific goals for your child and ways to measure progress too. This can prove to be a relief from the stress and struggle that your child has been facing. An IEP can finish once your child has reached their goal or has caught up to the expected milestones for their age group. A IEP can stay with a child through collagen or it can drop off if they no longer require services.

Behavioral Consulting Perform Psychological Evaluations

Behavioral consultant performs the psychological evaluation of a child in order to assist the development of academic skills, communication skills, life skills and many more. This eventually supports to get success in the life of your child. Our expert team will help advocate for your child to ensure the school district or county approves all the services your child deserves.