Why Children Are Experiencing Anxiety in School- Long Island Child Psychologist     

Anxiety among the students in school is getting more and more common now days. You can find the anxiety in the form of sleeplessness, upset stomach, lower grades, trouble in concentration, loneliness, anger and so many more. The recent study has proved that anxiety is one of the greatest challenges that students face in school in the present time. According to Child Mind Institution, there has been a visible rise in the percentage of anxiety among the children in school, over past 10 years. The dilemma is that very few parents of the children who suffer from anxiety seek help from a professional. In fact, the real cause of the troubles faced by the children remains undiagnosed. There are certain things which are important for you to know if your child is going to school and is facing some issues that may be cause of the anxiety.

  1. Understand The Term ‘Anxiety’ in Children:

You need to know the difference between the ‘worries’ in general and anxiety. Many students suffer from anxiety in the classroom due to peer pressure, teachers’ attitude, and competition. The testing season and examination can also create anxiety among children that result into showing up many symptoms, such as feeling shaky, jittery and stomach disorder, as well as negative behavior. Anxiety needs to be diagnosed as it can affect the classroom performance as much as any other learning disabilities.

  1. Kids Don’t Suffer Anxiety on Purpose:

You must understand the fact that the children who are getting much worried and anxious are not doing it on purpose or have a control over their behavior. The fact is that the anxiety is caused by the nervous system, a result of ‘fight or flight’ response and is beyond the control of the child. The phrases like ‘just relax’, ‘Calm down’ won’t help at all. You must get help of a child psychologist in order to cope with this situation.

  1. General Causes of Anxiety in students:

There can be many causes but generally we can say that following are most common causes on anxiety in children.

  • Genetics-Many kids inherit genes of it.
  • Brain Chemicals- If certain brain chemicals are not working well, it can result in anxiety.
  • Life problems- Certain troubles and stresses faced by students in school life can lead to anxiety
  • Learned from environment- If students find others in anxious and fearful behaviors they learn to be in it too.
  1. Talk About Anxiety Openly and Seek Help:

Don’t hide the anxiety of your child. It is part of life and ignoring it will not make it go away completely. You must discuss about it with a child psychologist to get help.

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