Long Island Child Psychologist:

* Corona virus is affecting families, children and businesses all across the country. On Long Island schools are closed and some vital services are suspended. If your child suffers from ADD or ADHD try these tips for keeping your child happy, active and in good spirits. Keeping life as “normal” as possible is imperative to your child’s mental health and in preventing regression.

The great outdoors and the exposure to the power of Mother Nature is one thing that can help kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Exercising and exploring the nooks and crannies of the outside world can help young ones as well as adults with their ADHD and ADD.

Why Is So Important:

Playing outdoors, exploring the yard and playing with other kids have a lot of benefits. Long Island Child psychologists refer to the outdoors as a great way to improve motor skills, balance as well as coordination in ADHD kids. Here are a few benefits of outdoor activities.

Team Sports:

Most kids flourish when there are no walls to confine them. A dose of nature, hence, is the best thing that you can give your kid.

Team building is one activity that helps the kids enhance their social skills. Enroll your kids in camps and playgroups that offers basketball and soccer tournaments. Such sports accelerate teamwork and help your kids interact better with their teammates.

Art/Music Classes:

Long Island Child Psychologist claims that ADD and ADHD kids, who find it hard to concentrate on music or arts in a confined space, flourish when given the same activities outside of the classroom. Art and music are two activities that, like the outdoors, provide freedom. Let your kids draw and play what they please in an open setting and see the difference; it’s the repetition that holds them back.

Yard Work:

Apart from activities, house chores can also be a great way to engage ADHD kids and teach them a thing or two. Gardening is a therapy for ADHD and ADD kids, how so, you may think? Well, according to Human-Environment Research Laboratory (HERL), natural and green surroundings like gardens and yards aid kids with ADHD to concentrate better. Gardening chores also helps them pay attention, as well as function better on an overall level.

Engaging All Senses:

The more your kid uses his senses, the better he is going to learn. Kid s with ADHD and ADD find certain tasks boring or repetitive. Setting the same tasks outdoor is a sure way of engaging them for a longer period. Sight, smell, touch and hear all four senses come to life when you place your kid in an outdoor setting. Whether they are engaged in an activity or just sitting and reading, their senses are engaged, and this enhances concentration as well as improves sensory skills.

So, don’t confine them inside four walls, let them go free and learn better.