Advice from a Child Psychologist: How to Help your Child feel Healthy & Normal During COVID?

Long Island is one of the most family-friendly and vibrant communities in the US, with an abundance of entertainment avenues for children. It’s a thriving ecosystem for families with kids, from Ocean Beach over ten interactive museums, theatres, and art spaces.

There’s an abundance of activities, hobbies and community groups to give children a well-rounded, culturally diverse, and artistically inclined upbringing. However, the coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented environment. Children are confined within their homes, forced into an inactive and sedentary lifestyle.

Here’s some valuable advice from Long Island’s trusted behavioral counselor and child psychologist to help your child feel healthy and normal.

A Constructive Routine

Routines and schedules create discipline, and it’s imperative for all of us to hang on to healthy patterns and discipline. Creating a constructive routine for your child will help them feel normal and healthy by keeping their minds occupied.

Allocate a time for breakfast, snacks, and other meals, with a combination of study time and playtime activities. Build a reading routine, so your child develops the habit of curling up with a book.

Outdoor Playtime

Children miss the camaraderie of their playmates and the excitement of heading over to the playground. How can parents make up for all the outdoor time they’ve missed? Physical activity is of the utmost significance when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You don’t want your children to come out of the pandemic with sedentary habits and a disdain for physical exertion.

Take them on long hikes, early morning runs, and beachside strolls whenever you get the chance. It’s wise to schedule outdoor visits when traffic is less and the outdoor spaces, parks, and trails are less crowded. You can also create an outdoor play area by tidying up your backyard.

Dinner Parties & Feasts

Social distancing discourages us from interacting with other families, households, and people. But it doesn’t stop us from indulging in fun parties, feasts, and extravagant three-course meals at home. Children miss the indoor dining and eating-out experiences, and here’s a fun way to engage them in a healthy activity.

Parents and children cook up a delightful feast of all their favorite foods, with appetizers, salads, meals, and dessert. Then, you can set up a beautiful restaurant-like table with glamorous black-tie attire – as if you’re attending a festive dinner party.

Children always miss the simpler things in life that adults tend to ignore. For them, life is all about endless playtime, fun activities, and their favorite comfort food. Engaging your children in healthy and constructive activities is the best way to keep things normal.

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