Your guide to events and activities on Long Island for children with autism.

Winter is a magical time on Long Island, and there’s no reason why children with autism shouldn’t be able to partake in the festivities. As advocates for inclusive and supportive environments, behavioral consulting and child psychologists on Long Island understand the importance of providing opportunities for all children to enjoy the season. In this blog post, we’ll explore some fantastic winter activities and events tailored to children with autism, ensuring that they too can experience the joy and wonder of the season.

  1. Polar Express Adventure: All aboard the Polar Express! Many Long Island venues host Polar Express-themed events during the winter months. These immersive experiences often include train rides, storytelling, and even hot cocoa. Children with autism can benefit from the structured environment of a train ride and the sensory-friendly atmosphere that many of these events provide. Check local event calendars for Polar Express adventures suitable for children of all abilities.
  2. The Nutcracker Sensory-Friendly Performances: The Nutcracker is a holiday classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Look for theaters offering sensory-friendly performances, specifically designed to accommodate the sensory needs of children with autism. These shows often feature adjusted lighting and sound levels, as well as designated quiet areas for those who may need a break. Attending a sensory-friendly Nutcracker performance can create a positive and inclusive holiday memory for children with autism.
  3. Adaptive Ice Skating Sessions: Winter wouldn’t be complete without ice skating, and Long Island offers adaptive ice skating sessions tailored to children with autism. These sessions typically provide additional support, such as adaptive equipment and trained staff who are familiar with the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum. Check with local ice skating rinks for scheduled adaptive sessions and give your child the chance to glide through a winter wonderland.
  4. Winter Arts and Crafts Workshops: Engage your child’s creativity with winter-themed arts and crafts workshops. Many local community centers, libraries, and art studios offer inclusive crafting sessions during the winter months. These activities not only provide an opportunity for artistic expression but also offer a structured and supportive environment for children with autism to socialize and connect with others. Check out local events for upcoming workshops.
  5. Sensory-Friendly Movie Nights: Escape the winter chill and enjoy a cozy movie night with a sensory-friendly screening. Some theaters on Long Island host screenings designed for individuals with sensory sensitivities, featuring adjusted lighting and sound. Choose a winter-themed movie, bring some snacks, and create a memorable family experience that accommodates your child’s needs. Check local theaters for sensory-friendly movie nights in your area.

Winter on Long Island is filled with opportunities for children with autism to engage in festive and inclusive activities. From magical train rides to sensory-friendly performances, there’s something for every child to enjoy. The key is to plan ahead, look for events specifically designed to accommodate sensory needs, and create lasting memories that celebrate the season in an inclusive and supportive manner. Behavioral consulting and child psychologists on Long Island encourage families to embrace these winter activities, fostering a sense of joy and belonging for all children.


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