Back To School & The Pandemic…


Long Island Child Psychologist The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to its heels. Economic activity came to a standstill with billions confined to their homes to stay safe and bend the curve. As countries roll out mass vaccination drives, hope for normalcy has returned in full swing. It’ time for children to [...]

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Parenting During A Pandemic


Advice from a Child Psychologist: How to Help your Child feel Healthy & Normal During COVID? Long Island is one of the most family-friendly and vibrant communities in the US, with an abundance of entertainment avenues for children. It’s a thriving ecosystem for families with kids, from Ocean Beach over ten interactive [...]

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Why Nature Is Key!


Long Island Child Psychologist: * Corona virus is affecting families, children and businesses all across the country. On Long Island schools are closed and some vital services are suspended. If your child suffers from ADD or ADHD try these tips for keeping your child happy, active and in good spirits. Keeping life as "normal" as [...]

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Helping children with ADHD or ADD perform well in the classroom   


Long Island Child Psychologist- Helping children with ADHD or ADD perform well in the classroom    After parents, teachers play vital role in the life of a child. Especially the children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) need extra care from both the parents and teachers. Success or failure of any child [...]

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Why Children Are Experiencing Anxiety in School


Why Children Are Experiencing Anxiety in School- Long Island Child Psychologist      Anxiety among the students in school is getting more and more common now days. You can find the anxiety in the form of sleeplessness, upset stomach, lower grades, trouble in concentration, loneliness, anger and so many more. The recent study has proved [...]

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Halloween Festivals On Long Island


Long Island Child Psychologist - Children and Family Halloween Activities on Long Island    Fall-fun is finally here and it’s the right time to plan for a super exciting Halloween activities and parties in Long Island. This Halloween don’t just stay at home! Rather step out in your fabulous Halloween outfits with family and kids [...]

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IEP and Early Intervention Psychological Evaluations


Long Island Child Psychologist - Importance of Getting Your Child Evaluated to Help Them Succeed in life The modern world is more aware of the individual needs and educational requirements of the children because of the latest research and psychological studies in the field of child education. People are now able to understand the fact [...]

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Treating Anxiety In Children


Long Island Child Psychologist - Treating Anxiety in Children    Unfortunately, mental health disorders are often overlooked; especially if they are noticed in children. Some psychological issues such as anxiety have no minimum age requirements and they can be painful to both the children experiencing it and the parents trying to handle it. Anxiety is [...]

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Understanding Your Child


Long Island Child Psychologist: Understanding your child As parents, the most important responsibility is understanding your child, and it is crucial in order to become a helpful and inspiring figure in your child’s growth that will continue to guide them as they journey from maturity to adulthood. If you want to understand your child, you [...]

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Toddler Issues


Toddler Issues! Common Problems Toddlers face during Milestone Changes & How to Deal with them Toddlers transition through many changes and as parents, we have to deal with a great many challenges in raising disciplined and happy kids. We’ve discussed some of the major problems related to sleep disturbances, night terrors and potty trainings that [...]

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