What is the Difference between Psychology and Psychiatry?

Psychology and psychiatry are two fields of study related to human mind, feelings, thoughts and behavior. They are generally confused to be the same but there is a great difference between the two fields especially about the education requirements, training procedures and practice.

Psychiatrists can prescribe medication.

As psychiatrist are trained doctors in the medical field they can treat mental illness patients by prescribing different medicines related to the symptoms and diagnosis of a patient. They are medical doctors who use medication as the integral part of their treatment plan.

Psychologist have major focus in behavioral psychology, psycho therapy and doing various psychological tests to find out deep facts about the causes of behavioral and mental disorders of their patients. They cannot recommend medication but they can do critical assessments and create treatment plans for patients with mental illness, psychological issues, behavioral disorders and temporary or chronic disorders related to the brain. 

Psychology and psychiatry is Different in Terms of Education

Psychiatrists have to attend a medical school for a set number of years, obtain the degree of MD. Afterwards, they have to do practice in psychiatric units of different hospitals for gaining residency training in psychiatry for about four years.

A psychologist must get the doctoral degree, PHD or Psy D, which consists of four or six years of education. Throughout their education they are trained to assess and find out about the symptoms and causes of the psychological disorders and various mental conditions and study the mental development process deeply. After graduate school, psychologists are also required to do internship to get the hand on experience in this field. They practice the methods of treatment, analytical testing, problem solving and various therapies including the vast experience in psycho therapy. They are closely supervised by the authorized mental health professionals.

The practice of A Psychologist and Psychiatrists

Psychologists and the psychiatrists usually work together in the field of mental health and fitness for the better improvement of the patients. A psychologist does various assessment plans to find out about the behavioral patterns and mental condition of the patients. He can also refer the patient to the psychiatrist to speed up the process of curing or treating the mental illness. The psychiatrists usually deals with the patients with more serious and crucial kind of mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder whereas the psychologists focus on the issues which can be solved with psycho therapies and discussions.

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